Established in 1992, SC RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD., has shifted its focus to the development and manufacturing of stage accessories from the former rental business of PA stage, audio, and lighting equipment.

SC Research dedicates itself to the continuous development and improvement of stage accessories to ensure a perfect and confident performance. We combine professional equipment with music to further improve excellent performances in order to achieve an unprecedented visual feast.

SC Research products have obtained Japan, Germany, USA, Taiwan, and China patents. Keep a low profile while reach higher. The “microphone stand with an invisible boom” is a revolutionary stage product developed in recent years. Designed with innovation, this space-saving and user-friendly product not only breaks through the traditional use of microphone stands but is also easy to store.

Through combining with extensive SC products, this microphone stand can be used vertically or slantwise, or as a proprietary “foldable music stand” to facilitate various performances. This excellent stage assistant realizes a more fascinating stage effect and the “microphone stand with an invisible boom” transforms your exquisite performance into a world-class masterpiece.

Vision, profession, and cultivation in various fields are the foundation of our globalization. Your support and encouragement are the motivation for our unceasing efforts to improve. Sophisticated equipment and accessories are improved by unlimited imagination. Based on the philosophy of ultimate innovation, SC RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD., is committed to developing industry-leading technology. The creation, R&D, and manufacturing of more convenient stage accessories are the new trend, as well as the groundwork where SC RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD., can maintain the most competitive position in the global market.


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